Since our founding in 1955, Altman-Hall Associates has been exclusively focused on business-to-business marketing communications. Every day we put a specialized knowledge of industrial and commercial marketing, product sales tactics and strategies, and sales/distribution channels to work for our clients.

Our integrated marketing communication plans provide goals and objectives, tactics and strategies, budgets and timelines and, of course, a measurable and expected ROI. Whether your business is looking for lead generation, brand building, a product launch or to penetrate new markets, we’ve got the know-how and creativity to help you accomplish the mission.

We work closely with marketing, sales, engineering, and manufacturing to gain insight into the company’s products, services and specific markets. As a fully-vested marketing partner, our account teams are involved in the early stages of planning, often receiving confidential and proprietary information. Armed with this information, we develop a comprehensive strategic plan identifying specific marketing and communications objectives and how we’ll meet these goals.

Our family of clients cover the spectrum of industry, including electronics, material handling, transportation, gas exploration and distribution, off-highway equipment, construction, metalworking and processing.