3D process animations, product animations and equipment animations can be the most effective media to convey how a process flows, a product functions or equipment operates. Below is a sampling of the 3d animations altman-hall has produced from client’s CAD drawings.  Once we have the file, our animation team begins surfacing objects, laying out cut aways, adding motion and then creating the balance of the video to show it’s application. This may include showing gas flowing through a valve, minerals being processed where particles are separated and sorted, or any number of other special affects to convey how the equipment is used in different applications.  

Animations can be more effective than videos, because:
  • You don’t need the equipment in final form and in the field or lab
  • The application may be in a remote location
  • The equipment function is internal
  • Filming or photography can’t be done in close spaces, dark lighting, or taken on multiple floors.

Equipment animations are often less expensive than hiring a film crew to go on a remote location shoot. 

If you’re in need of YouTube How-to videos, application videos, new process videos or virtually any other video to assist engineers better under your design or process advantage, consider the use on 3d animations.

Altman-Hall, with our years of business-to-business experience, will take the burden of storyboarding, copywriting, voice over and production off your hands and get your new sales tools posted.