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Solenoid Solutions

Solenoid Solutions works exclusively with OEMs to provide high-quality solenoid valves and multi valve manifolds in large volume.

Solenoid Solutions works exclusively with OEMs to provide high-quality solenoid valves and solenoid manifolds in large volume. We offer a range of purchasing and inventory programs like just-in-time-delivery, inventory consignment, kan-ban, lean manufacturing practices and more to drive cost out of the process and become a truly valued partner.

Altman-Hall has positioned Solenoid Solutions to be a your custom solenoid valve and manifold source. If you need a custom solenoid valve for your application, Solenoid Solutions will help you every step of way. We sell direct, provide virtually instant quotes over the phone, have engineers ready to help and will deliver your prototype in 5-Days or sooner!

The Top 5 Reasons to Insist on
Custom Solenoid Valves from Solenoid Solutions

  • OEM Direct Relationship

    No need to deal with distributors, middlemen, product managers, and on and on. Work directly with our sales team and engineers to ensure the best performance and price combination.

  • Complementary Design/Engineering Services

    That’s right. You provide the requirements, and we’ll design and engineer a specialty solenoid valve or manifold system to optimize space and efficiency… at no cost to you!

  • Lower Overall Cost, Really!

    Typically, we can lower your overall cost of valves, fittings and assemblies. And, no dealing with distributor markups and high-overhead conglomerates.

  • More Efficient Valve System Design

    Building high performance solenoid valves to specs yields a more efficient system often reducing energy consumption and space requirements.

  • Fewer Leak Points

    Taking a larger view of your needs can lead to multi-valve manifolds reducing cost while improving system design.

  • Want more? How about…
  • Rapid 5-Day Prototyping
  • Very High Marks for Customer Satisfaction